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These reusable period pads are a great introduction to zero waste periods. An eco-friendly alternative to disposable menstrual pads and panty liners, they are suitable as reusable panty liners, for light flow or as a backup to a menstrual cup.


  • Choose from one pad or a set of three
  •  Each pad is approx 18 x 18cm
  • Made with soft bamboo terry top
  • Available in: Black; Grey; Yellow; Pink; Blue; Charcoal (with black backing); or Candy Colours (pink, yellow and blue pads, if choosing set of three).


To use: The white toweling goes against your skin, and the coloured side against your underwear, snapping closed with the adjustable poppers. Each reusable pad is made from soft bamboo terry with a PUL backing to ensure there are no leaks, and a super absorbent microfibre core. Also suitable for use as incontinence pads.


More pad sizes and colours are available in our shop.


NOTE: Reusable pads don't have the adhesive strip of disposable pads, so they need to be used slightly differently. The type of underwear you wear them with can make all the difference for helping to keep them in place without glue! Choose close fitting, wide gusset underwear which the pad can snugly wrap around to keep it in place. For more advice on making the switch, see our complete guide to reusable menstrual pads.


💡 Good to know! All orders are posted out in discrete, plastic free packaging.

Reusable Period Pads - Small