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Our handmade natural lip balms are PETA certified vegan friendly and cruelty free. Made with nourishing organic ingredients, each vegan lip balm comes in a plastic free cardboard tube – an ecofriendly alternative to traditional lip balms.


Each gift set contains five 11g lip balm tubes. Pick from Set 1 or Set 2. If you'd like a different selection of balms, please list your prefered scents at checkout!


Set 1 scents:

  • Mandarin natural lip balm 
  • Rose natural lip balm
  • Lime natural lip balm
  • Peppermint natural lip balm
  • Vanilla natural lip balm


Set 2 scents:

  • Cherry natural lip balm
  • Cocoa natural lip balm
  • Strawberry natural lip balm
  • Blackberry natural lip balm
  • Apple natural lip balm


Each chunky tube is built to last, and packed with ingredients like organic cocoa butter with its gorgeous chocolately aroma, that's high in fatty acids, helping to form a protective barrier over delicate lip skin that locks in moisture, nourishes and keeps skin supple; and jojoba oil that deeply penetrates and softens skin, and rich in Vitamin E and B.


💡Good to know! Switching to a plastic free lip balm helps reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill where it sits for decades (after all, only 9% of plastic ends up being recycled). All orders are sent out in sustainable, plastic free packing materials. All orders are posted out plastic free.

Natural Lip Balm Gift Set


Gently push up the cardboard disk at the base of the tube to reveal your desired amount of balm - only a little is needed - and apply to your lips as usual. Store in a cool dark place, out of direct sunlight.

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