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These coconut husk soap rests are made from upcycled coconut husk (a waste product from our coconut bowls), making them a plastic free, biodegradable and vegan friendly way to store your soaps and shampoo bars. The fiber allows your wet bars to drain and dry out between uses. At 7 x 10cm in size, they are large enough to fit our big soap blocks and dish soaps, as well as shampoo or conditioner bars.


If you've already made the switch to solid soap bars, you'll be aware of the many benefits: less waste, more compact, and no plastic. Solid bars can last much longer than bottled shower gel or body wash, but keep them dry and they'll last you even longer!


Large soap rests are also available in our shop, here.

All Battle Green products are sent out in plastic free, recyclable (and often recycled) packaging.

Coconut Husk Soap Rest - Small

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