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Eco Friendly Travel Tips for Plastic Free July

Eco Friendly Travel Tips for Plastic Free July

As the school bells ring one last time, and summer stretches out before us, for many people it's time for travel, trips and holidays. Whether you're planning an exotic adventure, a road trip with friends, or a relaxing staycation, the world is yours to explore. Coinciding with this season of wanderlust, it is also Plastic Free July – a global movement encouraging us to reduce plastic waste and make more sustainable choices. Combining the spirit of travel with eco-consciousness, step (or scroll) this way to discover some eco-friendly travel tips for Plastic Free July.

1. Switch to solid cosmetics

Bid farewell to bulky and messy plastic bottles and embrace the bar! Whether you're looking for shampoo, conditioner, body wash or deodorant - we have them all in bar-form! Dodge the liquid limit on your hand luggage, and travel light and free from plastic. All bars fit snugly into our handy travel tins.

2. Carry reusable snack bags or wraps

You know how it is when you're out and about and your belly starts rumbling! On-the-go snacking is a travel essential, but it often leaves a trail of single-use plastic wrappers behind. Instead, opt for reusable snack bags to keep your goodies fresh and reduce waste - they can be easily washed for future use. Packing your own snacks from home also helps to save money, and you'll have your favourite treats conveniently to hand.

Reusable snack bags

3. Soap saver bags

The perfect companion to your soaps bars - soap saver bags double up as storage for your solid bars while travelling, and you can wash with them too! The scrubby sisal plant fibre helps create extra lather and it's great at exfoliating the skin. Compared to bottles of shower gel, soap bars are compact and versatile, and often made with nourishing natural ingredients - not only will you save space in your luggage, but you'll also contribute to a cleaner environment.

4. Reusable cutlery

Plastic cutlery is one of the most commonly littered items, with 4.25bn pieces used in England each year alone. Our reusable upcycled wooden cutlery sets are light and compact - perfect for camping or eating out... sans plastic! Each set comes in a GOTS certified organic cotton pouch.

5. Natural deodorant

Stay fragrant on-the-go without contributing to plastic waste by switching to our natural deodorants. Whether you're stuck in a car, train or plane to your holiday destination; exploring a city; going hiking; or catching some rays - it's nice to feel fresh! Our plastic-free natural deodorant comes in tubes or tins (including travel tins), helping to eliminate odour, soften skin and subtly scent - cheers, essential oils!

Plastic free natural deodorants

6. Bamboo toothbrushes

Maintain your oral hygiene routine sustainably while travelling with a bamboo toothbrush and travel case. Slim and light, our bamboo toothbrush travel cases keep your brush clean and tidy - they also contain a drainage hole at each end to help your brush dry out after use. Keep the plastic-free theme going with a matching bamboo toothbrush (we sell both together for a discount!).

7. Travel dish soap bars

Washing reusable containers or cutlery during your journey becomes a breeze with dish soap bars. These solid soaps are perfect for minimising plastic waste and keeping your eco-conscious habits intact even when you're far from home. If you didn't know, our award-winning dish soap comes in a travel size - these handy pucks, made with organic coconut oil, fit perfectly into our travel tins. Ideal for taking on camping trips to keep dishes sparkling, they are also pretty nifty at cleaning surfaces and removing stains from clothes.

Plastic Free July provides the perfect opportunity to adopt sustainable swaps that not only benefit our planet but also make our travels more convenient and enjoyable. From compact shampoo bars to reusable cutlery sets and bamboo toothbrushes, each small change can add up to a big difference. Happy and responsible travels! Looking for more eco friendly travel tips and ideas? Shop our on-the-go range, here.


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