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Make the Switch: A Guide to Using Natural Dry Shampoo Powder

Updated: Jan 13

natural dry shampoo powder in three scents

Welcome to our guide to using natural dry shampoo powder! Dry shampoo offers an easy and water-free way to freshen up your hair between washes. It soaks up oil, adds volume and leaves behind a light fragrance.

But why switch to a natural dry shampoo? While many conventional dry shampoos contain synthetic and toxic ingredients in a single-use aerosol can, our all-natural formula is packed with effective plant-based ingredients and...even comes in a plastic free (and refillable) cardboard shaker pot!

How does it work?

Sprinkle a little powder directly into the roots of your hair, or into your palm and apply with an old make-up brush or your fingers. Work the powder into your roots, then let it sit for 30 seconds to absorb oil. Brush through your hair thoroughly to remove any excess powder.

What's inside?

Corn starch helps to soak up excess sebum, while keeping your scalp and hair moisturised, while organic arrowroot powder absorbs excess oil and leaves hair feeling silky soft. We also include kaolin clay that has a neutral pH making it gentle enough for sensitive skin. It absorbs excess oil without drying out the hair, and helps soothe skin irritation and conditions that can have a negative effect on hair growth.

And that's not all! Organic aloe vera powder helps conditions the hair, soothe the scalp and stimulate hair regrowth, while organic amla fruit powder has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are effective in preventing dandruff formation. Anecdotal reports also suggest that Amla powder can help condition the scalp, promote healthy hair growth and boost volume.

Finally, a beautiful blend of essential oils lends the powder a subtle uplifting scent. We also choose our essential oils for the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. We currently offer Orange & Neroli or Mint & Tea Tree options.

How do I refill it?

Once your powder is all used up, you can reuse the shaker pot with one of our handy refill pouches! The top section of the pot (with the holes in) will lift out - gently pinch the outside rim and twist and lift up as you go. See the video below:

Once the tub is open, carefully tip the powder in from your refill sachet, then gently twist the top back into the shaker (if you push the top back on, as the air is forced out, this can cause some of the powder to whoosh out! Gently twisting the top in and out stops this from happening).

Any other questions about using your dry shampoo? Please get in touch.

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