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8 Ways to Have a More Sustainable Valentine's Day

Pink heart with text 8 ways to have a more sustainable valentine's day

Valentine's Day - a day to celebrate connections with friends and loves ones - doesn't have to be synonymous with excessive waste and environmental harm. This year, consider making your Valentine's Day celebration more eco-friendly by incorporating some sustainable practices. In this blog post, we explore eight ways to have a more sustainable Valentine's Day that feels great for you and the planet!

1.DIY Valentine's Day Cards: In the UK, we send more than 25 million Valentine’s Day cards each year and according to Plenty Magazine, 75 million pounds of PVC is dumped into landfills from gift card waste. Get creative and make your own Valentine's Day card using recycled and plastic free materials - this personal touch is sure to strike the right chord. Great alternatives also include seeded gift cards that can be planted - watch them blossom like your love (sorry!) or e-cards.

2.Picnic for Two: Instead of dining out, save money and create a more memorable experience by planning a romantic picnic using reusable cutlery and containers. Pack your favourite sustainably-sourced snacks and drinks in eco-friendly packaging to minimise single-use plastic waste. Weather not up to it? Spread out a blanket at home and devour your feast in comfort!

A couple having a plastic free picnic by a lake

3.Set the Mood Responsibly Create a romantic ambiance with the soft glow of energy-efficient LED fairy lights; opt for candles made with natural plant-based wax and essential oils; and keep decorations plastic free and sustainable - think paper balloons (which come in some amazing shapes - have a Google!) and reusable accessories like cloth napkins.

4.Cook a Locally Sourced Meal Plan a cosy dinner at home using locally sourced, organic ingredients. By supporting local sellers and choosing sustainably produced food, you're reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting food over long distances, and promoting a more eco-friendly food system. The way to the heart is through the stomach, after all!

5.Give the Gift of Experience Instead of physical gifts, consider giving the gift of an experience. Plan an outdoor adventure, a cooking or pottery class, or a museum trip - these shared experiences can create invaluable lasting memories without contributing to unnecessary waste.

6.Choose Eco-Friendly Gifts If giving physical gifts, opt for ones that are not only meaningful but also sustainable. Consider gifting organic chocolates, cruelty-free beauty products, or even a potted plant instead of traditional cut flowers. Get creative with gift wrap by using upcycled materials such as newspaper, fabric scraps, or reusable gift wrap. This not only reduces waste but adds a unique and thoughtful touch to your presents.

7.Share a Sustainable Spa Day Plan an eco-friendly pamper session with your friend or loved one. Nourish your skin with natural handcrafted soap, perfect your pout with a plastic free vegan lip balm, or apply a natural clay face mask. All that's left is to put on your favourite movie, kick back and relax.

8.Commit to Sustainable Fashion If you love dressing up to the nines on special occasions, choose outfits made from sustainable materials or opt for second-hand clothing. Fast fashion is a significant contributor to environmental degradation, so selecting eco-friendly clothing options helps reduce your ecological impact while still looking stylish on Valentine's Day. You never know what you'll find in your local charity shop - for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

By adopting some of these eco-friendly tips, you're sure to create a memorable and sustainable celebration that reflects your commitment to each other AND to a greener, more conscious way of living 💚

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