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Our reusable period pads starter kits are a great introduction to zero waste periods. With a selection of reusable pads to try, they make an ideal eco friendly first period set. Choose from two sets:


What's included in Set 1?

  • 1 x small reusable liner in black, approx. 7" long - suitable as a back-up to a menstrual cup/tampon or for light flow days (at the beginning and end of your period).
  • 1 x regular reusable period pad in black, approx. 10" long - ideal for regular flow and daily use: the longer length offers increased coverage for added security and increased absorbency.
  • 1 x large reusable period pad in black, approx. 13" long - use for heavy flow or overnight: the longer length adds more security, and the pads are designed with a wider section at the back to help prevent leaks when lying down.
  • Welcome leaflet with instructions.
  • Each set donates a reusable period pad to Flo Haven.


Set 2 is as above, but you receive TWO pads in each size ( six pads total).


All of our items are sent using biodegradable, plastic-free packing materials.

Reusable Period Pads Starter Kit


The white toweling goes against your skin, and the black side against your underwear. Reusable menstrual pads don't have the adhesive strip of disposable pads, so they need to be used slightly differently. The type of underwear you wear them with can make all the difference for helping to keep them in place without glue! Choose close fitting, wide gusset underwear which the pad can snugly wrap around to keep it in place. See our introductory guide to using reusable pads for full instructions.

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