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Our reusable make up remover pads are made from organic bamboo cotton. Each one is approx. 8cm in diameter, soft and absorbent. You can use them exactly as you would regular cotton rounds: to remove make up, or apply toner. However, instead of going in the bin, you can pop the pads in the laundry and reuse - a win for your pocket, and the environment.


You can also choose from sets of 8 or 12 pads, with or without our gorgeous organic cotton mesh bag - it doubles up as a storage and wash bag in one ☝️ We didn't want to add a plastic cord grip to the bag string, so just pull the bag closed tight, then tie a single knot in the string near the top to keep it closed in the wash! You can also buy the wash bag only if you already own some reusable make up pads.


Why make the swap? Cotton production requires large amounts of water, for example, it typically requires 2,700 litres of water to produce enough cotton to make one t-shirt. What's more, according to Water UK, disposable face wipes make up 93% of the material found in sewer blockages - switching to reusables just makes perfect sense as you can use the same pads again and again!


All of our items are sent using biodegradable, plastic-free packing materials.

Reusable Make up Remover Pads


Wash at 40 degrees or lower, and air dry. You may want to put your reusable pads into a small net bag to prevent them from going missing in the wash (you can select to add an organic cotton mesh wash bag on this listing). If staining occurs, soak in detergent and warm water before washing. Minor shrinkage may occur after the first wash. Not suitable for removing nail varnish.

These care instructions are also included on a small card attached to the pads/bag - if you do not need this, please leave us a note at chekout.

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