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This organic cotton string shopping bag is light but strong, stretching to fit in a surprising amount of groceries! Always have it on hand, and you'll significantly reduce the need to buy and use plastic bags when out shopping.


Choose from a short or long handled bag.


Made from GOTS certified organic cotton - the GOTS lisence number appears on the label inside each bag. GOTS is a global ‘gold standard’ for textiles, ensuring that production meets specific environmental and social criteria. This includes how cotton is packed and transported; the requirement to use eco-friendly dyes; and crucially that those involved in its production receive a living wage, fair hours, and work in safe conditions


All of our items are sent using biodegradable, plastic-free packing materials.

Organic Cotton String Shopping Bag


Plastic bags are one of the main causes of marine pollution. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, but breaks down into smaller pieces over the course of decades, and microplastics now outnumber plankton 6 to 1! Marine animals can mistake plastic for food, or become entangled in plastic waste, and both options can result in death. Plastic waste is all around us, yet only 1 to 3% is ever recycled. Switching to reusable bags is an important step in reducing single use plastics and plastic pollution.

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