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What's in the Battle Green Zero Waste Bathroom Box?


  • 1 x Battle Green bamboo toothbrush (100% bio-based bristles)
  • 1 x Natural Loofah on String
  • 1 x Battle Green Deodorant (Choose from 5 scents)
  • 1 x Natural Shampoo Bar (Choose from 3 scents)
  • 1 x Travel Tin
  • 200 x Bamboo cotton buds

For more information on each of these items, including ingredients and care instructions, please see our other listings where they are also sold separately.

All of our items are sent using biodegradable, plastic-free packing materials.

Zero Waste Bathroom Box


Battle Green boxes offer a themed selection of our most popular products. Not only do they make lovely gifts - presented in a Battle Green box with a welcome note, ingredients and care instructions - they also allow you to save money (if you were to buy the items seperately), helping you to kick start your own zero waste journey!  

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