If you're looking for a sustinable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic cotton buds, the Battle Green buds have an FSC® certified bamboo stick. The buds also have soft cotton tips, and are 100% biodegradable.


Unlike plastic sticks, which take hundreds of years to degrade and can be ingested by marine life, our bamboo buds are sustainable and can be safely disposed of in your bin or composted.


Approx 200 sticks per box. The box is made from recycled card.


All of our items are sent using biodegradable, plastic-free packing materials.

FSC® Stem Bamboo Cotton Buds - 200 sticks


The Forest Stewardship Council certification allows buyers and sellers to rest assured that their wood products (bamboo is covered within this definition) come from responsibly managed forests, where steps are taken to ensure socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable practices.

We are FSC® certified (FSC®C134890). Look for our FSC®-certified products. For more information on the FSC, visit www.fsc-uk.org.